A working group on “weaning the mafia” established in the Vatican


Tomb of the newly blessed Rosario Livatino
Tomb of the newly blessed Rosario Livatino

The group will include renowned anti-mafia figures.

Olga Sakun – Vatican City

On May 9, in the Sicilian city of Agrigento, Judge Rosario Angelo Livatino, who was killed by the mafia at the end of the last century, was canonized in the Catholic Church. In memory of this new martyr, the Department for Integral Human Development announced the creation of the Mafia Excommunication Working Group. The message from the Vatican department says that the newly blessed Livatino is the first beatified magistrate judge in the history of the Church: a working group will be dedicated to him, the purpose of which is to deepen the topic of excommunication of the mafia, in cooperation with bishops around the world.

The group will include a philosopher and publicist who developed the idea of ​​”new humanism” and “new secularism”, Vittorio Alberti, the famous priest-activist Luigi Chotti, the former minister and chairman of the Democratic Party of Italy Rosi Bindi, the confessor of the repentant mafiosi priest Marcello Cozzi, the Sicilian bishop Michele Pennisi , President of the Vatican Court Giuseppe Pignatone, Greek Catholic priest Ioan Alexandru Pop of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and Inspector General of Prison Chaplains Priest Raffaele Grimaldi.

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