Are Catholics obliged to agree with the Pope in everything?


QUESTION: Is it true that Catholics are obliged to agree with the Pope in everything, considering him to be the voice of God? What if I don’t like some of the Pope’s actions or some of his words?

ANSWER: The voice of God on earth is, first, the voice of our conscience, as Blessed Cardinal Newman said. The Second Vatican Council claims that a person is not alone in his conscience, but he is there alone with God and listens to His voice. This is what this conciliar teaching consists in: “In the depths of his conscience, a person discovers a law that he did not give himself, but to which he must obey, and whose voice, always calling him to love and do good, and avoid evil, responds when necessary, in his heart: do this, but avoid this. Indeed, in the heart of a person is a law written by God, in obedience to which all his dignity lies and by which he will be judged.

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