Benedict XVI: “There are no two Popes”


Pope Retired Benedict XVI (December 2015)
Pope Retired Benedict XVI (December 2015) (AFP or licensors)

Retired Pope Benedict XVI’s interview with Corriere della Sera: resignation was “a difficult decision,” but it was done “absolutely deliberately, and I am sure I did the right thing.”

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The resignation from the pontificate, which took effect eight years ago, was a difficult decision, but it was done quite deliberately, and then there were no regrets. This was once again stated by the retired Pope Benedict XVI, refuting “slightly fanatical friends” who continue to see conspiracy theories behind his decision to leave the Apostolic See and do not want to heed his words about leaving because of age reasons. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Joseph Ratzinger stated:

“It was a difficult decision, but I made it absolutely consciously, and I am sure that I did the right thing. Some of my slightly fanatical friends are still angry and reluctant to accept my choice. I think about the conspiracy theories that emerged after that: some said it was due to the Vatileaks scandal, some blamed the gay lobby, and some referred to the case of the conservative Lefebrian theologian Richard Williamson. They don’t want to believe in an informed choice. But my conscience is clear. “

Benedict XVI also commented on Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Iraq:

“I think this is a very important trip. Unfortunately, it falls out at a very difficult time, which makes it risky for both security and COVID reasons. Moreover, the situation in Iraq is unstable. I will accompany Francis with my prayer. “

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