Can a Catholic take communion in an Orthodox church? Can an Orthodox Christian take communion in a Catholic church?


QUESTION: I was taught that Catholics, in the absence of a Catholic church, can take the sacrament in an Orthodox church and vice versa. However, he met with an objection: “Only attendance at the service is allowed.” What is the truth?

ANSWER: The Eastern Churches, which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church, have valid Sacraments secured by apostolic succession. However, there is a close connection between church unity and mysterious unity, therefore, in general, the rule applies here: Catholic clergymen legally teach the Sacraments only to Catholics, and Catholics, in turn, receive the Sacraments in a legal way only from Catholic clergymen, and vice versa. At the same time, the Catholic Church allows communion in the Sacraments – especially the Eucharist, Penance and the Anointing of the sick – with other Churches and church communities, under certain conditions.

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