Does the rite change during the transition from Orthodoxy to the Catholic Church?


QUESTION: I was baptized in the Orthodox Church, but I came to Catholicism at the age of 12. Received the first sacrament. But there is a statement that I am not a Roman Catholic, as I consider myself, but a Greek Catholic. What a paradox? I have never been to a Greek Catholic church. But the problem is that faith is somehow inherited.

ANSWER: the point is not that faith is inherited: of course, faith is a free choice of every person. In this case, we are talking about belonging to the church tradition. The Catholic Church recognizes the Sacraments of the Eastern Churches and does not question the value of their Christian tradition. It is no coincidence that the Decree on Ecumenism (Unitatis redintegratio) of the Second Vatican Council, in the section on the Eastern Churches separated from the Church of Rome, especially emphasizes: “This Holy Council declares that all this spiritual, liturgical, disciplinary and theological heritage in its various traditions belongs to the fullness of the catholicity and apostolicity of the Church ”(17). The same idea is renewed in subsequent documents of the Catholic Church concerning Eastern traditions.

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