Vatican ends vaccination campaign for those most in need


Pope during a visit to a vaccination center in the Vatican
Pope visiting the Vatican Vaccine Center (ANSA)

The Vatican has completed a vaccination campaign for the most vulnerable residents of the Italian capital: only 1,800 people received the COVID-19 vaccine. During the campaign, donations were also collected, which will be sent to Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Olga Sakun – Vatican City

As Cardinal Krajewski, who heads the Papal Grace Service and the Poor’s Vaccination Campaign, explained, these are people who live on the street or spend the night in shelters, as well as those who do not have the right to be vaccinated in Italy. The hierarch added that the campaign will resume as soon as the vaccines go on the free market.

Currently, vaccines can only be purchased by states. The Papal Grace Service intends, through its diplomatic channels, to help the poorest countries – Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador and India, by channeling the funds collected as a result of the “Delayed Vaccine” action. Syria has already received 350 thousand euros for the purchase of vaccines and vaccination of the weakest.

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