What did Pope Francis mean when he said that “everyone has his own vision of good and evil”?


QUESTION: not so long ago I read a conversation between Pope Francis and the Italian journalist E. Scalfari. Two phrases especially confused me: “Each person has his own vision of good and evil. We must encourage a person to go to what in his understanding is good. ” And more: “Everyone has his own idea of ​​good and evil, and you need to make a choice in favor of good and fight evil as he understands it. That would be enough to make the world a better place. ” If we apply this logic, for example, to the discussion about the human embryo, then we should not call for the protection of the embryo in front of those who consider abortion or experiments on the embryo good. Could you clarify the position of the Pope?

ANSWER: The text of the Pope’s conversation with Scalfari was not recorded on a dictaphone and is a recording from memory made by Scalfari himself, who put some phrases in the mouth of the Holy Father. Pope Francis did not see this text before it was published. Unsurprisingly, some of the statements made the public bewildered. And the fact that the Vatican media withdrew the publication means that the quoted words cannot be considered the position of Pope Francis, and indicates that the Pope himself did not “subscribe” to them.

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