New blood analyzer for the outpatient clinic in St. Peter’s Square


Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, President Siloe Andrea Benassi and Dr. Lucia Ercoli
Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, President Siloe Andrea Benassi and Dr. Lucia Ercoli

The Pontifical Office has accepted a new biochemical blood analyzer VChemy-S from the Italian association Siloe: the device was donated to the Vatican Dispensary Mother of Mercy, located under the colonnade near St. Peter’s Square.

Michele Raviart – Vatican City

The medical device will allow for a quick clinical blood test and will help many Roman homeless people who suffer from typical diseases related to food and alcoholism, the president of the association explained. Siloe Andrea Benassi.

On March 11, the new apparatus for the outpatient clinic was consecrated by the Apostolic Elemosinarium, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski. At a ceremony at the medical center, the hierarch noted that true mercy is manifested in deeds, not in words: “This is a very specific thing for our poor; they come out of here with more confidence in their safety. We will be able to better understand where to send them for treatment and what medicines to offer ”, because“ no one leaves here without medicine ”. An urgent response at a moment of need is one of the characteristics of mercy, the cardinal emphasized: “When meeting with the sick, Jesus did not tell them ‘come in a week or in a month, then we will see,’ but he helped immediately, without delay.” The hierarch recalled Pope Francis’s urgent desire to open the Mother of Mercy clinic for the homeless; The Holy Father “wanted the poor to be received in his home, in the most cherished place for Christians.”

For her part, the outpatient doctor Lucia Ercoli noted: “We accept those who do not have access to any diagnostic testing, that is, people who are cut off from the national health care system for a variety of reasons, from economic to bureaucratic, who do not have medical policy due to illegal stay in the country ”. Dr. Ercoli stressed that the use of the new blood analyzer will expand the diagnosis, “adding to the clinical picture also parameters that indicate the course of the disease and, in particular, the response to drug therapy.”

The Mother of Mercy Vatican Dispensary is just one of the tools that Pope Francis made available through the Apostolic Elemozinarium to his beggar neighbors. A lot has been done during the year of the pandemic, from testing for coronavirus and vaccinating the homeless to donating ventilators to hospitals in Italy and around the world. An outpatient clinic near St. Peter’s Square helped 1200 patients from 96 countries in the fight against coronavirus. According to Lucia Ercoli, the outpatient clinic has become “a center to which numerous peripheries rush.”

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